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Help Center

Frequently Answered Questions

1. What are the payment options?

We are trying to accommodate everyone's convenience but as for now, you can pay cash on delivery. We will let you know as soon as other payment options is available.

2. Can I be assured of the products I buy?

Our products are guaranteed fresh when we deliver them. Aside from grocery items, we also have meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables. We can guarantee that our products are sealed and fresh. We encourage our customers on proper storage, cooking and consuming them immediately. It is the customer's responsibility to thoroughly check all items before signing the delivery form.

3. How do we cancel order?

Once the confirmation message is received, reply NO to cancel order.

4. Can I change my delivery address?

YES. As long as the new delivery address is within the vicinity of Alabang, Muntinlupa, San Pedro, Biñan and Sta. Rosa. As soon as the confirmation text is received advise immediatley if the delivery address will be change. 

5. What if I am not available during the delivery?

Our delivery personnel will only wait for 10 minutes. After the given time and no one is available to receive the items, our personnel will notify the customer via text and be back after our next scheduled deliveries. 

6. Can I return or not accept items that are not fresh, broken or expired? (e.g broken eggs, smelly meat, wilted fruits and vegetables)

REKADOSATBP stand by its rule and it is to delivery fresh products, satisfaction guaranteed. In case products are not met, REKADOSATBP will replace items you find unsatisfactory.

7. What if my orders didn't arrive?

Due to uncontrollable situations such as road accidents, natural calamities and other unexpected occurrences, REKADOSATBP will immediately advise customers if orders will not be delivered on time.